Since retiring from active Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition in February of 2015 my sole focus in terms of training has been my passion for Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ). Over a career spanning roughly a decade working with some of the best coaches on offer in South Africa I’ve learnt a few good things about MMA, BJJ, nutrition, recovery, conditioning and losing weight. While MMA has its roots in BJJ, the one can never be separated from the other. But there are aspects of training, whether for sport, weight loss, muscle gain, toning and any other kind of training that are just as close.

The main aspects of training that cross over into all exercise disciplines include nutrition, recovery and conditioning. Today I’m going to keep my focus on number 1, the most important aspect of life in and out of the gym… NUTRITION!

We all make the mistake of thinking that everyone is the same and therefor have the same needs, this is simply not true. But let’s not take that too far and start thinking that everyone is a unique little snow flake, they aren’t! Ok, let’s start with what we all have in common. The number one thing I tell everyone I meet, whether it’s a training partner trying to cut those last few kilograms to make weight for a competition or a new PT client I’m consulting for the first time… CUT OUT THE SUGAR!!!

Sugar is poison, it’s addictive and it dulls our taste buds. I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have the metabolism of a Humming bird, or I’d look more like a TLC special than an athlete based on the first 25 years of my life.

– Josh